Jumpro Rainbow


If your child loves to do tricks and jump on their scooter than this is the ultimate scooter for them. The Jumpro scooter is designed with internal steel springs to add more air to their jumps, making tricks more exciting and impressive.

Product Features:

• Built to jump
• Breakthrough front and rear spring technology for maximum air time with smoother landings
• Dual internal steel coil springs
• Maximum weight 80kgs (176 lbs)
• Adult assembly required
• Ages 8+ years

WARNING: Always wear safety equipment including an approved helmet, hand/wrist pads, knee pads and elbow pads. Keep the helmet chinstrap securely buckled. Always wear enclosed shoes.Ride on smooth, paved surfaces away from motor vehicles, traffic and other road users. The scooter is not designed for off-road use. Watch out for pedestrians. Do not use the scooter on a public highway. Brake will get hot from continuous use. Do not touch after braking.

Where to find us:

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