Nitro Circus Pogo Stick

Have fun hopping around with the Nitro Citrus Pogo Stick. This pogo stick features specially moulded grips for performance and comfort whilst its metal frame and wide size foot plates is covered for safe and stable jumping.

Product Features:

• Specially moulded grips for performance and comfort
• Metal frame covered for safe jumping
• Wide size foot plates for greater stability
• Concealed low friction industrial strength spring
• Wide rubberised tip for optimal balance and greater bounce
• Max. weight 40kg (88LBS)

WARNING: Make sure you’re within the weight range, Max. weight 40kg (88LBS), do not jump without the rubber tip intact and stable. Make sure pogo is clean and free of dirt and grime. Recommended surface for use: always bounce on clean flat surface. Make sure bounce area and tip are dry & not slick. Water can make the tip slip out. Bounce on hard clean surfaces only.

Where to find us:

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